Friday, March 27, 2009

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closing ceremony - Exchange things

28.03., G. 19 , CCA Chronicle, 26 Market Square, Bytom

Hell Finissage things (the exhibition continues until 31.03.)

things in store for the Chronicle of HELL!

One of the most widespread, and at the same valuation techniques for transparent objects is their replacement of functioning in different ways in economics. Rotate objects a kind of communication between people, in which the free market system is codified communication. Know-how of late capitalism is available for a small group of specialists, everyone must come to terms with the fact that they are fashioned from the outside to the great consumers.
When no longer able to perform even the most trivial conversations without the use of the word "crisis", we look at things in terms that odejmowałby them a monetary value. The finissage "Hell of things" we want to propose exchange trade items, during which we try to move away from the generally accepted rules on the acquisition of things. We will create a common type of " black market, where any method of entry into possession will be allowed. Significant emphasis will be sentimental, emotional value of things, not located in the economic criteria.
Sampling scheme of things can be completely arbitrary, unwanted items, but one which we can not throw things confusing, rarely remain in the opened boxes and cupboards, stuff from shady places or which has become our transparent, for unknown reasons. Broken radio, someone's picture, fork tooth chip card, a bill on the property, too tight dress, embarrassing gift, garden gnome with no legs ...
Welcome to Chronicle on Saturday, March 28 .
Bring with you your items! 's give things a hell together!

The finissage:

exchange trade items (Bring with you your stuff!)

promotion of a new humanist magazine "Format P" (Foundation for Change Bec), the first number on "hell Stuff"

Jacek Staniszewski

miściorak vj & dj jastrub + projection 8mm film

start March 28 at 19:00


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