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Ovniologia or UFO is any study that evaluates appearances, reports, physical evidence and any phenomenon that is more related to UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects.

There is no science officer directed to this type of research, so many branches of science come together in a multidisciplinary attempt to understand events.

Thousands of people have reported seeing strange lights or objects in the skies, with different movements of any ship known to civilians. Images have been captured throughout the world, photographs and footage, of course some do not have fraud and assemblies, but many of these have gained a special place in studies to be a total mystery, and really original without any manipulation.

The interpretation of these phenomena was established by some ufologists (researchers from the field) and there are extremely skeptical analysis judging any possible fraud until a more mystical.

There are some assumptions that involve UFOs, among them was the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and really transport of alien, or that these ships would experience aircraft in secret technologies of terrestrial origin (governmental).

There is still a hypothesis Interdimensional, where some of these ships could come from a parallel dimension, being human from the future.

Inside the analysis of errors in the sightings have the wrong perception of natural phenomena as ball lightning or simple optical illusions. Were also observed by angle Psychosocial, where these apparitions were linked to occult and supernatural experiences, such as the sighting of the Virgin Mary, which can be influenced by the environment or beliefs.

All these ways of analyzing the events related to UFOs began more intensively during the Second World War. Around the year 1944, still during the second world war the General Staff of the German Air Force fires Operation Uranus, due to numerous reports from pilots about images of strange aircraft in the sky, which became known as Foo Fighters (fire balls). Always thinking it might be some secret weapon of the enemy when the war ended, it was observed that there was no similar technology on the might of any army at the time.

Foo Fighter - balls of light near the plane.

dictates how modern Ufology began on June 24, 1947, when the private pilot Kenneth Arnold saw in Washington, USA, an object that had similar moves to a disk thrown on the water. With this description gave rise to the popularly known "flying saucer.

I lustration of the sighting of UFOs by K. Arnold

The vision was among the cities of Yakima and Chebalis. With 43 years of age, the specialist on flights in the mountains, passing over the region of mountain ranges, whose highest peak is Mount Rainier with more than 4,300 meters. The speed second K. Arnold was higher than that of sound, making it impossible for planes of that time.

According to the testimony of K. Arnold, he says,

"It was a beautiful day and there was no cloud in the sky even. I approached the Mount Rainier 11,000 feet flying at about 3,350 meters, while making a 180 degree turn and flew directly toward Mount Rainier. Then I noticed a huge light appeared in the sky. She lit my plane altogether, including the cabin, and I was scared. (...) That absolutely brilliant light, almost as powerful as the brightness of the sun, came from a group of objects that were far in the north of Mount Rainier, (...). I saw a row of aircraft Strange (.. .) training diagonal (...) flight was on the ships swung conspicuously on his flight .(...) figured that his amazing diameters were about 30 meters and, of course, I am surprised they have not the tail ... "

Kenneth Arnold - Mount Rainier

few days later, in July the same year, news emerged about the fall of one of the Flying Saucers, giving rise to Roswell.

Reports of sightings occurred long ago, taking evidence in cultures like the Sumerians, Egyptians and many folklore around the world.

In 1978, a survey by Gallup ¹ showed that 60% of Americans believe in UFOs. This research also showed that the higher the education level, the more they believe that unidentified flying objects are real.

With the passage of time has gathered much material on the subject, which are most successful are the videos as evidence of NASA, or reports of astronauts who visit and found the massive presence of UFOs. Below follows one of these videos, reported by one of his eyewitnesses who observed that ships materialized and dematerialized in front of the space station, was also captured by ultraviolet cameras.

Gallup ¹:


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