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Since he started the UFO study, researchers interested in the subject and began to disagree on some points of view or ways of analyzing the same phenomenon, so the UFO was divided into 04 segments study.

That the universe is full of information which do not yet know that our instruments of research can not yet be advanced enough or that everything we conclude that at a time can be changed completely over the front is obvious. Given these assumptions and many other areas of the division occurred in ufology. The most known in the television media to generate controversy as to the desired points of the Shakers is the UFO series and esoteric, which clash with the ingredients of evidence and beliefs. To give a more direct explanation on these sectors UFO, below is each of 04 types:

Ufology Subjects: is also known as scientific, seeks to understand any phenomenon so that it can be seen by some area of \u200b\u200bacademic science, always trying to gather as much evidence as possible through videos, photos, stories or physical traces. Reported contacted (as they call people who have had direct experiences with UFOs or aliens) try to capture as much detail to rule out any type of optical or psychological effect. The analysis always begins with the view that the experience is a mistake, failing to find any farce it is taken as evidence for future studies.

photo machine analogy drawn Tatuí - SP

Ufology Esoteric: is a blend of spiritual information of our current society mythical facts that may be sought in many ancient traditions, thereby seeking to understand and compare the stage of our spirituality with those of aliens. Putting the need for human evolution in relation to everything around them. Channeled Messages the mints are widely used, as well as reports of astral travel and transcomunicações.

image of an extraterrestrial being channeled

Ufology parascientific: use this in a unified way the two types mentioned above (and esoteric series), this how they cover the experiences on both a scientific and do not forget the subtle side of what happened. The researchers believe that this segment only with a broader view and without any kind of prejudice can understand the events, not just those from Alien, but anyone who takes the form of mystery.

Dimensional Ufology: this type of study is already working in order to observe any phenomenon of extraterrestrial origin, registering for dissemination to the public. The surveys are done to draw any doubt about the subject, and seek work consciousness, reason and energy part of the people in general. The great advantage of this segment is that it does this through an existing partnership, where people come in contact through conversations with verbal and physical ¹ Dimensional Beings that transmit information and knowledge people. Here is a video showing the interaction with an alien power, known as plasma.

is through these methods of analysis that ufology splits to try to understand the events of our planet since ancient times, which can be found in various works of art and writing. The best way to evaluate any place will always be the personal insight that occurs through the information, let alone get to know more lucid is to take your own conclusions. See it no longer becomes as important as understanding why, and this will make each one so very personal!

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