Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get Rid Of School Soars?


An extremely common question to arise when the issue arises about extraterrestrials is why they do not appear in a time, proving to the whole population?

If they exist, have very advanced technologies, because they are hiding?

What they want on our planet, to dominate our resources or studying?

These questions are common and have probably spent the minds of many who started the UFO studies. For the vast majority as a matter of logic is already disposed to face the question of domination, because when they were present for so long, with giant ships that defy our science, it would be strange to think that any space that came from far away, come here to steal our high amount of soil and water contaminated by waste our or any copy of some advanced technology such as the telescope, is a thought that excludes itself.

The part of the study could even be feasible for some of the races who have been through over the planet thousands of years we're here. Up to this point we agree, after all do the same with any living being that we find new, whatever kind is we analyze, collect data and try to understand it. Could it be the same with the human race, but it would be easier for them to communicate with us to understand?

If they hide, how would we know they exist? There would be photos, reports or records of any kind if they actually go into hiding, these Beings are shown for all to see, things in heaven, in the waters and the soil itself, as we are. So why did not openly this gathering as a political ceremony televised to the world?

That part is simple, it would cause mass panic. Imagine the many existing dogmas in our little world, so different faiths with equal parts, each person creates fears in his mind, sometimes tentatively accommodated themselves or by some means of communication. People who believe in nothing, world leaders who appear knowledgeable of the truth, or scholars who dictate how it must be the reality it encourages a view that is not concrete, but only a mirage of where we live.

A very large percentage of the population if unchecked, thinking that the end times come, just because a visitor has to give a cosmic "hi" would be a chaos that would give a lot of work to be explained by governments. The whys of many things being hidden from us would be raised and this is the most worrying factor for those parties who decide how the world behaves. It is not difficult to see these items, just be a little aware of what is passed in daily, small things reflect this situation well.

involving long human history, and all those simple questions at the beginning of the text as, for the extraterrestrial beings do not appear openly become more complex. In principle we can cite a basic rule of conduct: respect. Nobody can simply enter the territory of the neighbor and do what you like, talk like the house will be painted or what their children's education, what can you do at most is to give advice and to be present for any support. This is one of the factors influential to Extraterrestrial beings do not simply appear, they can not interfere too much, you have to respect our limitations and expect that we understand who we are and the world around us then to understand the rest of the whole.

So far the answers are plausible, but there is another detail that is essential and this is based purely physical and shaping.

As discussed in the text of the Mental Blogs 1, 2 and 3, beyond our biological part there is a whole energy structure that participates in our complexity and according to the science of physics, everything vibrates at different patterns, which generates a frequency creating so all around us.

We are basically formed by waves of vibration that creates the atoms and other structures, fire and ice has a frequency other if leaning against any of them feel the difference in the skin, the same thing happens with energies that we see, but those around us. Our eyes do not capture all that is ahead of us, if frequency is faster than ours, we do not see the same thing in reverse.

A good example is easy to apply to understanding is the fan. Imagine a fan of 03 blades, which have the common home, the blades will act normal to the frequency faster.

With fan stopped a book is placed behind the blades, depending on the size of the book can not read anything, because the frequency of the blades of the apparatus is similar to yours, then obviously it will be displayed before the book is that lies behind them. At this point the trigger faster frequencies, we turned in the weakest fan that starts up, it's still hard to read something. Increases the frequency of the fan again now if you can better see the entire book, but not read. When operating at higher speeds, the blades spin so fast that enables the reading, almost as if there was nothing between the observer and the book, with the fan blades at a faster rate. More powerful devices will give the vision of the book even more cleanly.

This example is very easy. Of course the fan itself does not have a more accelerated rate, it just simply puts the issue.

The point I want to get with this is illustrative: many Extraterrestrial beings are at different frequencies of our standards. We can see their ships in the sky and shoot up, it happens that in many cases pictures recorded the observer did not see the ship at the time of image capture, but after developing the film or switch to the computer. The cameras record several frequencies, we fail to realize is that many of them.

But what if people who saw the ships to the naked eye? Well, with advanced technology it is possible to manipulate the frequencies, which can Beings who are invisible to our eyes, becoming noticeable, is the simple adaptation or adjustment, as in a radio channel. There are hundreds of stations AM and FM, just a gentle movement to meet, it happens with many of these beings and Parallel Dimensions. To see the extraterrestrial beings, they're just not in front, need to adjust these channels tuned to see them, sometimes for a few seconds and managed to record the scene, in others they themselves decrease the frequency of them and show the us to eventually realize the other realities already researched by many scientists.

Due to these factors they are not presented openly to the population in respect to our time and compatibility shaping.

These beings have a rather high technology and consciousness, the text on "Typologies Extraterrestres" this very blog, points out that these beings are generally classified in Omega category, but all the others join in this example of vibrational differences. For those interested in all this information to better understand past and seek to understand more about the reality that in the next Blog Frequency-1, is subject addressed by ancient civilizations that had an exchange of information with Beings Aliens, as well as past issues they have for many people today. These are small portions that they release to humans in a way not to disrupt or create chaos, leaving us to walk by our own thoughts and desires. Because just like them, we are learning to open the mind of an intelligent and can pick up new vibrations and thus find out who we are and where we are.

To know something, we must first understand and that only through information and without "pre-concepts" set, so only the truth can be seen in the liberty of appearing.

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