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The arqueufologia ufoarqueologia or studying the possibility of UFO sightings and phenomena in ancient times that were marked by art and buildings in various parts of the planet.

Many appearances were marked in various cultures, each decoding the way, be like lightning, fireballs or divine manifestations. Assessing the diversity of records of rock art and stories passed orally can understand that the UFO phenomena are present on our planet since ancient times.

The interesting thing is that people who have never met portrayed as similar scenes, with images of ships and their crews. Moreover, many of these records show the exchange of information, where these beings taught farming techniques and self - sustaining, as is the case of the Dogon of African culture, according to reports received visits from ancient gods that they have many lessons including the behavior social.

The data strengthened the legend of the Dogon was that the gods have their location as originating from a binary system called Sirius, this was only discovered in the century 20 with advanced equipment to verify that the system was binary, something impossible to see with the naked eye. Another culture that conveys interesting information is the Indiana, with detailed descriptions of Vimanas, which are ships of the gods, with an incredibly advanced technology.

Erich Von Daniken, author of the book "Chariots of the Gods?" The hypothesis became known paintings, art and ancient writings contain the participation of Extraterrestrial beings, raising several research he did on the field of ufology.

Among hundreds of tests in many countries there are some curious discoveries and intriguing as well as an example: footprints found in Utah (USA), measuring 32.5 x 11.24 cm, date from around 440 million BC, the marks of boots crunched a prehistoric insect that lived during the Paleozoic era, called the Trilobite. The finding was made by Mr. Meister and Mr. William Francis Shape in 1968.

footprint of 440 million years BC

Besides these there are also many other records as a metal object into a cube found in a Mine Austria dating a age is near 70 million BC, this object is currently at the Museum of Salisbury, or else a geode found in 1961 that California had in its interior according to analysis something resembling a spark plug for an engine ran to the explosion, the object was a metal part manufactured.

To view the closest we can just see in many paintings and sculptures such signs, below is a range of images that suggest this interaction with UFOs and extraplanetary beings.

"The Crucifixion" is at an altar in the monastery of Visoki Descani in Kosovo, Yugoslavia. (Sec. XIX)

details of the fresco "The Crucifixion" painting by Carlo Crivelli.

fresco of the fifteenth century, Kiev.

UFO sighted in Castle Sigiburg - France during the invasion of Saxons. As the fighting occurred several discs "flaming" appeared on the church chasing the Saxons. (776 AD)

Svetishoveli Fresco's Cathedral in Georgia. (Section XVII)

"The Assumption of the Virgin" painted in the fifteenth century.

"The Baptism of Christ", painted in 1710 by Aert de Gelder, in the museum of Cambridge

"The Magnificat" tapestry fifteenth century. Lies in the Basilica of Notre Dame, France.

Another fifteenth-century tapestry, also located in the same basilica of Notre Dame, France.

"La Tebaide" (1460 AD) painting by Paolo Uccello. Currently sits at the Academy of Florence.

"The Madonna with Saint Giovaninno", painted in the fifteenth century. Is in the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence.

Details upper right corner of the image shows a man and his dog looking at a shiny object in the sky.

"The Miracle of the Snow," painted by Da Panicale Masolino. Is in the church Santa Maria Maggiore, Italy.

the Annunciation, painted in 1486 by Carlo Crivelli. Is in the National Gallery in London.

"The triumph of the summer," tapestry created in Bruges, Belgium (1538). He is currently at the National Museum of Bavaria, Germany.

Spheres in detail

picture described by the crew of two Dutch ships, as the book "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" written by Admiral Blaeu, containing various information for long sea voyages, as well as map data. (1660)

"Glorification of the Eucharist" is found in the church of San Lorenzo in San Pietro, Italy. (1600)

"Huge Black Globes" Samuel Coccius illustration shows a sighting over Basel, Switzerland (1566). The image is in the Central Library of Zurich.

"Two Wheels Burning" sighting in Hamburg, Germany (1697).

Luminous Object sighted in England (1783).

Illustration found in the book "Ume No Chiri" reported sighting of a crew in Haratonohama, Japan (1803). According to the explanation of the strange object had scriptures in their substrate.

illustration Ancient China (1400 AD)

Playing a relief image of the island of Jotuo, China. The expedition led by Professor Tsj'i Pen-Lai, found several pictures of planets and human outlandish costumes.

Illustration from the book "Liber Prodigiorum" historian Julio Obsequens. Detailing an appearance in Rome.

Commemorative Medal of France (1680).

Illustration of an ancient Buddhist text, the Prajnaparamita, India.

Buddhist text, the Prajnaparamita, India.

Illustration of a wall of the Temple in Dharamsala, India.

Hieroglyphics in Temple of Abydos, Egypt (1500 BC)

Detail of hieroglyphs of the temple of Abydos, Egypt (1500 BC)

Rock Paintings found in the cave "Pech Merle, France. Data from 17,000 BC

Paint Rock made in stone at Toro Muerto, Peru. Dating from 14,000 BC

Petroglyphs province Kerato, Mexico (7000 BC)

Playing Rock Paintings found during an expedition (1837 -1839), commanded by Lt. Grey, Australia (North). These beings are known as Wandjina portrayed by the natives.

Rock Painting of Wandjina. Australia. (5,000 BC)

Rock Paintings of Tassili, Tunisia (6,000 BC)

Rock Painting found in Val Camonica, Italy (10,000 BC )

Inca Artifact.

figurines found in Ecuador.


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