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Sample Prayers Of Invocation

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Currently one of the signs of extraterrestrial visitors who leave us more curious are the "Circles Corp", or crop circles, which are not merely more abroad, and is present in Brazil in recent cases dealt with by local media and specialized sites.

those curious geometries found in perfection in plantations began to be perceived by the general concept from the 80's. These "circles" as they are popularly known, are much older, and their record since the sixteenth century.

The name "Crop Circles" is given to the fact that 98% of the approximately 10,000 figures found are located in England, the region near the monument of Stonehenge in the south. The other 2% is divided into countries such as France, Australia, Canada, United States, Russia and now Brazil.

plantation These images stir the curious, the designs that are 300 meters long and can contain more than 200 different geometrical figures in one "circle" and is a total mystery to some researchers and governments because , there is no trace of who or what can be done. Besides all the patterns of the designs change every year, from observations made in 1994 followed forms the images named "insectogramas" (Spiders, webs, scorpions, etc..) In 1995 followed similar images to the planets and solar systems and so on. Never found no trace or clue next to sites that suggest how these geometric works were made, something that is continually challenging our technology.

Corp. Circle - Dragonfly

much that impresses "Corp Circles" became grounds for art exhibitions and publicity, and several attempts to imitate them, but none of these designs made with our technology was able to get the details of the documents that have a spectacular precision, in addition, all copies are full of trails, showing how they were made, not something the real show.

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In all agrogramas found no conclusive answer was generated. Some organizations and foundations are focused on the study of these "circles" as the Circles Studies in England and Lawrence Rockefeller who directs high amounts for research. The conclusion taken so far is that the ground indicates an abnormal amount of hydrogen after appearing on the figures, something that could only happen if it received a high electric charge. It also proved that the images appear close to the archaeological sites that have thousands of years and were only found due to the appearance of "Corp Circles".

An unidentified energy by our current science has also been recorded in areas that occur the emergence of these drawings that you create in one night, it modifies the genetic form of the plant, affecting even the seeds.

plants have their stems bent by 90 ° (degrees), and the plantations where they are made from plants are the geometries that the stem breaks to wear (barley, wheat, canola, etc.).. If someone tries to raise the plant it breaks and one interesting factor is that they lie in different directions within the same design and continue to produce the new position.

Many researchers realized that a growing number of "circles" have appeared near nuclear plants, showing maybe some interest to point out its dangers. But in all the resolutions the question of whether the non-terrestrial "Corp Circles" get up, maybe they're made by aliens technologies.

A large number of witnesses raised this hypothesis, farmers and curious to know how they are made just by watching balls of lights that appear just before the designs appear, they move right on top of the area " circles ", coming to be filmed in an amateur way.

The image below shows a clipping from a London tabloid, 1968, that the mystery behind the "Corp Circles", and be credited to some demonic reaper.

Earlier Ufologists gave the drawings as marks of landing the aircraft, but over the years, the increased complexity of designs making them also without a specific response on how they are made.

These images can last up to 06 months without disappearing, if they were made by human technology would be impossible, beyond the compasses in the interior of the drawings become disoriented, which indicates a magnetic anomaly.

In Brazil, some cases have been registered, as in Ipuaçu (Santa Catarina) on 29 October 2009 in a wheat field in the region. The design resembles an arrow, researchers and ufologists visited the area to confirm their veracity. The image is 44 meters long with a perfection possible only in cases of real "Corp Circles".

Images of the arrow Ipuaçu - Santa Catarina

Illustration and extent Corp. Circle Ipuaçu

matter of Brazilian cases may be accompanied by site: www.ufotvonline.com.br in the area related to Ufology Research. Below is the video of amateur footage made at the time of the creation of such a fascinating marks left in a way to challenge our concepts and technology. The spheres are known as "probe" by UFO researchers it is a technology monitored by extraterrestrial beings.


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