Thursday, August 5, 2010

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Some basic rules to improve the SEO for GOOGLE

There are rules and reports "basic" than any "webmaster" will be held, so that your website has more likely to appear in search results on Google for phrases / words relevant. Here are a few:
  • Page Rank assigned by Google
  • number of links to your website from other agencies / sites. Observe that the page rank of your website is not only calculated on the number of links, but also the quality of links;
  • density and relevance the keywords you include in your website;
  • The response time of several pages and more specifically the homepage;
  • The rejection rate;
  • time spent by visitors on your site;
  • Good drafting and placing of content, thus contributing to the optimization of those;

The 4por4 - Creating websites, web solutions, logo, branding and design through analysis and studies, or competition, the sector where the customer inserts and tools and dissemination of existing research, content structure and optimizes each page of each website.

We always focus on the main search keywords / search, with a view to its inclusion, to create an optimization of your website and therefore a better ranking, positioning and visibility on the WWW.


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