Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bodybuilders In Their Underwaer

the eggs hatched, a new blog : Illustrations for Lolita . I'll be gradually
(if there is such a word) illustrations to publish excerpts taken out of Vladimir Nabokov's novel, Fri Lolita . This is a literature-lyrical brutal, brutally-poetic, and my copy of the book is one billion underscores. Someone once suggested to me that I should underline everything, and if so I have underlined almost everything. Returning to the illustration: formed in livestock, such as notes, without elaborating, and correct it. Drawing style is still the same, or "four year old on acid." Yours and recommend.

PS. Here link to the article John Bertram 'LINGERIE, Lollipops, Lipsticks: Inventing the PERFECT COVER Lolita "on Nabokov Online Journal


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