Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How To Understand If Onyx Is Real?

Kakto will live in fairy tales happy

Each of us in childhood dreamed that when he grows up to find her prince and his princess, and as in fairy tales will live happily. All stories end with the wedding and happiness.
no fairy tale that tells of life after this event. It would be too cruel to children to take their illusion of happiness. But sooner or later every person gets older and starts with the idea that finding a life partner, you will live happily as in fairy tales. However well aware of the reality that not everything life is seamless, somewhere deep down hoping that he was lucky in marriage and deserves this happiness.
All of us, when we decide to sign marriage, we put hope, dreams, desires and expectations. Begin to build their own happiness (except for marriages of convenience, but there are expectations), sincere We also dedicate all my energy to realize his dream. But our lives grabs, work, children, uniformity ....


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