Saturday, April 23, 2011

Turn An Outboard Into Electric Start


Idea and implementation Branimira Yotova photos Minko Minev. BRAVACASA.

1. Necessary materials and tools:
- transparent piece of cloth - in the case organza 40 x 60 cm
- 4 CD
- quality lights (With removable transformer), the tip, which passes through a hole in the disc.
- paperboard cylindrical base, enabling adhesion
- bamboo removal the cable at the required distance
- scissors
- transparent silicone glue or hot gun

2. Around the disk is glued to the narrow edge organza the entire circumference, about 5 mm. On the other side adheres second disk as a sandwich, so that bright sides to remain visible.

3. Make a cylinder Paperboard diameter as the disc. Place in organza. Stretched and glued to both ends of the fabric of one another in length. Cardboard is removed carefully. Without cards hard to get the correct form.

4. In the received bag is dive lights and arrange. End of Thread the cable through hole of the disc. Bonds have been paid the entire circumference of the disc. On it - the other. If you want to hang close to furniture, bamboo pole led lamp proper distance.


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