Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where Can I Find Converse High Heels?


statistical headline news onet.pl looks like this:
alarming data: giant raises prices. It will be war?

A development of news looks like this:
Company Gdzfsdaxxx , a leading supplier of fillings, plastic office chairs, has announced to raise prices of polypropylene beads with a diameter of 2mm. Spokesperson for the company's competitive Wrgzxxgh commented laconically: "The market will review this decision."

Addition: props: an overview of the most frequently used words to describe this Armageddon:
ambulance, has died, alarming predictions, the arrest warrant, a wreck, guns, assassin, body, cracked, attention, increased control, discipline, punishment, demagoguery tragic finale of the harvest festival, the end of the scandal, turning point, the victims, assault, flesh, blood, death, alleged crimes, he accused, disasters, abuse, convicted, murder, drama, died, funeral, shocking crime, delay, channel, robbed, died, broke out tires, monster, defeat, cynicism, hypocrisy, evil , lose, detention, crazy, fight, tragic, quashed, another blow, revolution, forced currency problems

with today, "fries manufacturers are losing the fight for the canteen,"


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